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The BCAUSE Fund is a field of interest fund established in 2004 by Peggy Walkush, a breast cancer survivor, and her spouse, Jan Tisdale. Its mission is to expand breast cancer awareness, education, and prevention programs that help the LGBT community in San Diego County.


Breast cancer affects our community in great numbers, yet many women who are lesbian do not access proper health care resources that could help to lessen their risk. Contributing factors include access to health insurance coverage. Many lesbian women are not covered by their partner's insurance as is the case in a heterosexual relationship. Women without health insurance are much less likely to get routine mammograms, a proven preventative measure that is vital to early detection and survival.


Additionally, much of the general population undergos routine screenings for breast cancer under the guidance of an OBGYN. Because this relationship so often centers on reproductive concerns, many lesbian women do not have a regular OBGYN, leaving these issues unaddressed.


Current research suggests that certain lifestyle factors contribute to the risk of breast cancer, including:

  • reproduction
  • obesity
  • alcohol abuse
  • smoking

Women who have not had at least one child experience a higher incidence of breast cancer. Recent studies reveal that nearly 30% of lesbian women are obese, compared to 20% in the general population. And too, lesbian women report a higher rate of alcohol abuse and tobacco use than straight women.


Screenings save lives. Educate yourself. Tell a friend.



The BCause Fund Board of Advisors

These grants were made possible by the funding support and leadership of our past and present Board of Advisors. (*denotes founding member)

Lennie Alickman Phil Katcher Carolina Shreve
Drs. Heather Berberet & Delores Jacobs* Stacy Lang Traci Smith
Suzy Brown Nancy Libby Amy Snyder & Pat Thomas
Jennifer Campbell, M.D. & Suzanne Hawkins Laurie Munday Paula Tallal Colleen Osburn
Kay Coleman & Janice Montle Laura Mustari & Lorie Miles* Pierrette Van Cleve & Gigi Cantin*
Elaine Fowler* Diana Navarre* Peggy Walkush & Jan Tisdale*

Kendall French & Birgit Koebke*

Victoria Person Lois Webster & Donna Plourd
Dr. Sally L. Hall Lisa Schmidt Dr Jackie Wilson & Connie Joy
News and Events

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation Announces New Grant Programs!

The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s board of directors is proud to announce the star of two new grant opportunites to benefit San Diego's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community starting this year. In one program SDHDF will designate up to $50,000 to match qualifying donations to participating LGBT non-profit organizations for the time period of July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. Certian qualifying restrictions will apply. In the second program, the SDHDF Board of Directors has designated up to $100,000 from its general endowment to be expended in a direct grant program for the upcoming year.  Grants of up to $10,000 may be awarded to qualifying organizations that deliver strong programs and services to the LGBT community.


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