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"Sure I'm for helping the elderly. I'm going to be old myself some day."- Lillian Carter, in her 80s

Jimmy & Lillian Carter

SDHDF Announces its New Initiative: LGBT Seniors - Aging with Dignity



According to a study by the Human Rights Campaign, San Diego has the second largest percentage, second to the Bay Area, of LGBT same sex coupled households, and one in ten of these households contain a senior 65 or older. The study also found that over 50% of LGBT seniors have annual incomes of $29,000 or less, and LGBT seniors suffer significant barriers to accessing healthcare. Some significant findings from this study include:

  • Over 22% of women and 24% of men indicated they never or rarely discuss issues of sexual orientation with their healthcare providers.
  • Approximately one-third of respondents reported feeling sad or depressed and 8.5% reported experiencing suicidal feelings.
  • 73.9% of respondents indicated they had a current concern about a health problem.

LGBT seniors face some distinctive challenges.

Research shows that LGBT seniors are twice as likely to live alone, four times less likely to have adult children to help them, and are far more fearful of discrimination from health care workers. Our seniors also fear discrimination and animosity at traditional senior centers, retirement communities and nursing homes. Ageism from within the LGBT community remains a stubborn and disturbing problem.

In its Aging priority area, the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation is committed to promoting change in how communities organize care and support for both LGBT seniors and caregivers, with particular attention to the needs of low- and moderate-income seniors. In addition to funding community-based programs, SDHDF plays a leadership role in strengthening the existing network of LGBT aging resources, including initiatives that bring together community and government partners to address key issues in aging.



Aging As Ourselves


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Community Profiles on Aging

Bill Kelly & Robert Taylor

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation is ready to connect you with causes and programs that promote LGBT
aging issues. Together we will make change happen.



News and Events

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation Announces New Grant Programs!

The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s board of directors is proud to announce the star of two new grant opportunites to benefit San Diego's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community starting this year. In one program SDHDF will designate up to $50,000 to match qualifying donations to participating LGBT non-profit organizations for the time period of July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. Certian qualifying restrictions will apply. In the second program, the SDHDF Board of Directors has designated up to $100,000 from its general endowment to be expended in a direct grant program for the upcoming year.  Grants of up to $10,000 may be awarded to qualifying organizations that deliver strong programs and services to the LGBT community.


Click here to read more about our new grant programs!




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